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Introducing the Make Your Mark Finalists!

In Clients, In the Hood on March 26, 2012 at 4:04 pm

The MAKE YOUR MARK team is super excited to announce our incredible finalists! We love the fact that, corporately, they provide Angelenos and those beyond our city borders a wide array of services and opportunities as well as new ways to interact with others with compassion, creativity and openness. From today, March 26, to midnight on Monday, April 9, the finalists will campaign for the most likes on the MYM Facebook page. Be sure to visit our page and vote! [Scroll down to see the finalists here.]

The organization with the most likes wins a free rebranding package that includes a brand strategy, key messaging and logo system. It will also win a print package sponsored in part by the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce. Some of you may be curious to know the value of branding (or re-branding, in this case) a non-profit organization, since words like “branding” and “identity” are so often thrown around in the for-profit sector. Branding is more than just a cool font or logo and it’s definitely not just for corporate entities: thoughtful, quality branding clearly communicates the core message and personality of an organization to its desired audience. Consider then how much more of an impact a local non-profit can have in the community if its brand strategy powerfully communicated its central philosophy and purpose, not to mention how empowered its staff and volunteers will feel in articuling the message. To read more about this, go to the blog post Countdown to MAKE YOUR MARK!

Now, without further ado, here are the MAKE YOUR MARK finalists! Click on the name of the organization to find out more:

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite non-profit organization by midnight, April 9!


Altadena Urban Farmers’ Market takes a systems-thinking approach to giving the members of the Time Banks (alternative community economies that utilize the exchange of time and talent) a chance to share in the value and productivity of their communities together in a common space. They give members the space and methods for alternative, in-person trading.

Over the next five years, they plan to make the market a sustainable social enterprise for nurturing value within the Time Bank and growing the membership of the Arroyo and Echo Park Time Banks. By the end of year five, they want to be able to bring the market’s practices and strategies to associated Time Banks throughout California.

More info: Arroyo Time Bank | Facebook

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Survivors' Truth

Survivors’ Truths raises awareness of crucial issues and supports the recovery and healing of individuals and communities who have experienced war, disaster or other traumatic circumstances. These stories focus on survival and are told through audio, video and photographs for distribution within the communities Survivors’ Truths serves and for presentation to outside audiences. In the next five years, the organization plans to expand the number of projects and improve its visibility and distribution capacity.

More info: Survivors’ Truths | Facebook

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Viver Brasil

Viver Brasil Dance Company, founded in Los Angeles by Artistic Director Linda Yudin and Co-Director/Choreographer/Musician Luiz Badaró, is rooted in the traditional and contemporary forms and techniques of Salvador, Bahia and Brazil, and embodies the beautiful and complex stories of the orixá, sacred energies of Afro-Brazilian culture. Viver Brasil produces dance concerts, works with community organizations and sponsors educational programs. In the next five years, VB hopes to be a full-time dance company performing locally, nationally and internationally as well as to have its own dance studio and cultural center.

More info: Viver Brasil

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Westside Domestic Violence Network (WDVN) is a multi-disciplinary consortium of agencies that uniquely focuses on providing a more seamless safety net of services for victims of abuse in the Westside area by providing opportunities for collaboration, network and training. The WDVN provides forums for dialogues among members and coordinate an annual conference. In the next five years, the WDVN hopes to formalize its structure, improve its branding and welcome new leadership into the Steering Committee.

Due to the sensitive nature of the services provided by WDVN, we are unable to post images at this time.

More info: Who We Are and What We Do (Word file)

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