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In In the Hood on February 14, 2012 at 1:03 am

The Make Your Mark Team (Helen Kim and Sarah McGowan) | Broome St. General Store in Silver Lake | February 2012 | All content © The Think Farm & M+C

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been about a year since the fabulous Helen Kim of The Think Farm came into our lives. Mac and Helen have been grooving out incessantly ever since on some awesome collaborations for the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce and a bunch of shared clients, but after all of our power meetings and big plans for other projects, we realized that it was high time we do something on our own, in our own way – which is full of love and magic and good vibes, of course.

As local businesswomen, we talk a lot about how hard we work to make the proverbial dent. What we always seem to come back to is our community. We volunteer, we offer services pro-bono when we can and we’re always looking for ways to deepen our experiences of what it means to be an Angelena. We love this city of angels – madly, deeply and with wild abandon. So when we put our heads together about what we could do to give back, the seed of a great idea was planted in what we now realize is a very fertile bed of limitless creativity (ok, with enough coffee).

MAKE YOUR MARK is an opportunity for a local non-profit to put its best foot forward. From now until March 19th, 2012, we’re accepting applications from young non-profits serving the Los Angeles area to win a free branding package from The Make Your Mark team.

If you know of a great non-profit that could be greater with a totally awesome brand platform and key messaging strategy, let us know! It’s important to give back and we couldn’t be happier to offer what we do with love and respect for all the folks who are fighting the good fight.

Help us spread the word so we can spread the love!

• And big thanks to Cob for taking this picture and capturing the magic! •

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