Sarah McGowan Dear

Hurricane Irene

In On the Road on August 28, 2011 at 12:34 am

Awaiting Hurricane Irene | Cape Cod, Mass | August 2011 | All content © MAC+COB

As COB prepares to go to Burning Man, MAC is vacationing on Cape Cod, awaiting the brunt of Hurricane Irene. Grocery store shelves from New Jersey to New Hampshire are being cleaned out of bread, milk, candles and flashlights. Today hordes of SUVs packed to the gills with vacation gear and boogie boards lashed to the roof crept slowly over the Bourne Bridge as vacationers hightailed it for the mainland. But MAC fears not. Though predicted to bring winds of 80mph (nothing to sneer at, mind you) and causing the evacuation of thousands from the low-lying coastal areas in New York City and New Jersey, the storm is losing steam and currently at a Category 1. So we’ll batten down the hatches here in Centerville for the onslaught of heavy rain and winds, cozy up to a nice bourbon and ginger and ride this lady out. Stay safe!

(Image taken by MAC at Dowses Beach with the ever-fantastic Lens Baby.)

  1. Could be fun, but be careful, you just never know!! Great picture. Look forward to more as she blows.

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