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Happiness is a Goat

In On the Road on May 10, 2010 at 8:58 pm

Animals and humans | Animal Acres Farm Sanctuary | Acton, CA | May 9 | All content © MAC+COB

We took a little jaunt out into the canyon lands for Mother’s Day to spend some time at Animal Acres – a farmed animal sanctuary that rescues and finds fur-ever homes for some of the saddest and most abused farm animals around. Just a few days ago, they rescued a whole mess of goats from San Diego. Every single one of them was sick in one way or another and spray painted with a number. They’re now resting peacefully in clean hay, getting medical attention and will soon get to hang out with all the other goats and sheep – like Rosie, who nibbled on COB’s leg hairs. The staff is super friendly, passionate about animal rights and mostly tattooed. If you’ve never flirted with a cow, watched a chicken run at full speed or said ‘what’s up’ to an 800-pound pig, this is your place.