Sarah McGowan Dear


In Faces, In the Hood on February 28, 2010 at 6:42 am

Omar, Barber | Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop, Hollywood CA | Feb 9 | All content © MAC+COB

Running across OMAR was one of those unnerving things that gets under your skin and nags at you until you just can’t do anything but heed “the voice” – the one that tells you that you were an asshole for not bringing a camera with you when you left the house – the one that taunts you mercilessly with “you say you’re gonna come back some day and get this guy’s picture, but really, you won’t”.

Well, we proved the voice wrong. We went home, got the camera, came back and asked Omar if we could take his portrait.

He obliged, we were happy and the other guys in the shop no doubt ribbed him for being the day’s unassuming subject. Omar is one of the dapper barbers at Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop, where they are serious about their scissors, service and pompadours.

  1. this could only be cooler if in the next frame he stubbed the cig out on his hand.

  2. Great shot Cob. Well done team. Well done.

  3. thanks, fellers. however, this one was a MAC special. not that we’re counting…

  4. Hey! Nice picture, I had a question by any chance do you have omars contact information? He recently left sweeny todds on hollywood and im trying to see where he works now. If you do have any info please email me.


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